a clever queue management system.

Queekly is a queue management system that transforms crowded physical waiting lines into well-organized virtual ones, designed to reduce your boredom, confusion and switch them into peace of mind, calm and certainty.


What is it?


Using Queekly app will rid you of the long waiting lines so that you can accomplish more in your life.

* Saves your time,energy and money.
* Reduces possible anxiety and stress. 
* Keeps your appointments organized.


Not a big fan of waiting ? hum…

Queekly got your back in  government institutions, banks, communication companies , insurance companies or any other institution which provides services for its clients

Queekly Features:

  • Booking a ticket by choosing the day and the exact hour that suits you.

  • Choosing the closest service provider, time arrive finish.

  • Rebooking, delaying or cancelling your appointment if you can’t come.

  • Booking multiple appointments in multiple institutions at the same time. 

  • The “ Virtual Desk”, getting service through a phone call or a video call.


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